Sunday, January 16, 2005

I speak my heart. (Mixed Message)

Kwe Kwe sewakwekon, oh nahoten owenna'tiio ken? Hello everyone, whats the good word?

Another VERY short note, only a few words for easy digestablity.

My - Prefix Akw
Heart - Aweriahsa
My Heart - Akwaweriahsa
And - Tahnon
I Speak/Say - Katatis
Come/Come here - Kats
Now - O:nen
Listen, all of you - Sewatahon'satat

Now that I'm starting to really get into this I'm archiving stuff like an intro , and sound FX , Thanks for the music, outro etc
This should have 2 effects, quicker for me to update and make new podcasts and allow me to ramble on longer and maybe chat a bit about NDN Country eh. So far not that many folks subscribing to this but hopefully it'll help some folks learn a bit. I know doing them helps me learn..............actually it helps me remember vocabulary easier, saying it for three or four takes tends to etch it on my mind. for example, the other day I used Sewatahon'satat in the vocabulary list and today when I reused it I didn't need to look it up again. Essentially todays Vocabulary list will be part of each podcast I think, the Rattle to call everyone to listen sounds good, didn't have a Horn rattle handy , mebbe I can get George Hunter(of Silvercloud) to make me one up eh....You listening Ratorats? ;-) cheated and used a jar of Vitamins ;-)

I know I know I forgot to add Whats the Good Word to this podcast........Did it while kheio'okonha my daughters were still here so was a bit harried ;-) They are 3 and 4.

Hope the few folks listening in enjoy this, if so please leave a comment here.

O:nen ki' wahi' Bye for now
Skennen Peace

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Anonymous said...

This is great! I appreciate your efforts on this. Its been the biggest help so far. I learn best by hearing the words while seeing them. Good reinforcement. And getting them in an ipod means i can listen anytime and learn faster. Keep going! Nie:wen

Kahnwakero:non said...

Remember folks just because it's called Podcasting DOES NOT mean you need an iPod, anything that will play an MP3 can use these audio files including your desktop computer using the Free iTunes prg or Windows Media player or myriad other prg's

On Ebay you can get a MP3 portable for as little as $20. Sure it won't automatically synch like an iPod But dragging and dropping it in is no big horror eh?

Skennen Peace