Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Owenna'tiio The Good Word (Mixed Message)

Kwe Kwe sewakwekon, Kwiter ionkiats, oh nahoten owenna'tiio ken? Hello everyone, my name is Peter, what's the good word?

Background music entitled the Great Southwest graciously provided by JTK at copacetix.com , part of their open-songs.com project of Royalty Free music.

Owenna'shona - Words

1 - Enska
2 - Tekeni
3 - Ahsen
4- Kaieri
5 - Wisk
6 - Iaiak
7 - Tsata
8 - Shatekon
9 - Tioton
10 - Oieri
Hello - Kwe Kwe or She:kon
Goodbye - O:nen ki' wahi'
Thank you - Nia:wen
You're Welcome - Nio
Net - A'are
Peace - Skennen

Hope I didn't forget any of the vocabulary, did this off the top of my head hence some of the droneing blather ;-)

Check out My Podcast for the week of January 9th. Oh nahoten owenna'tiio ken? What's the good word?.

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