Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Thunder Boy (Mixed Message)

Kwe Kwe sewakwekon, I know I usually type out the WHOLE thing of any Owenna'shona/words but I'm too lazy to type the whole story up ;-) Taking advantage of my girls being asleep and my Mrs being at her Sister's visiting so I recorded a Traditional story known as Thunder boy, there's many versions this is just one, a totally different version can be seen in the Hallmark mini series The Dreamkeepers starring Kahnawakero:non actress Alex Rice who surprisingly is not a direct relation(Ihsta'a Mom's a Rice). BTW I highly recommend this film, I saw the premiere here in NYC and was blown away by the story and visuals.

Pardon any pronunciation mistakes, I'm kinda BEAT! After I put this up I'm hitting the couch and idiot box (Tka:ras), I figger in 15 minutes or so it'll be watching me eh!

BTW we now have 12 or so subscribers to this Podcast, dunno how many folks catch it direct from this page tho. Podcast programs make subscribing and getting any new files easy, I use iPodderX on my Mac computer, I have used iPodder as well which is cross platform, that is to say you can get it for Windows also, I hear Doppler is good for Windows folk too.

Another tidbit, this is my longest Podcast yet at just a hair under 9 minutes and a tad large at a bit over 4 megs. Most are under 2 minutes and under 1 meg in size.

Well I notice I'm rambling so it's time to go! Hope you enjoy these Audio Files , please leave comments or email me at kwiter@gmail.com

O:nen ki' wahi'

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