Friday, April 29, 2005

I plant in the spring (Mixed Message)

Kwe sewakwekon, ohnisonhatie? Oh nahoten owenni:io ken?

Yet ANOTHER quick Podcast, I hope that them being SHORT helps you folks retain the information presented here. to see info on the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake working with Microsoft to develop software for Kanien'kehaka.

Owenna'shona The Words

I Plant - Kienthos/Kyenthos(No "Y" in Kahnawake and some other areas)
In the Spring - Kenhkwitène'
Weed - Kahontaksen
Flower - Otsitsia

These are my words for now - Thok niwakewen:nake niahkwe(Nia:wen Roianer Gilbert for these words)

O:nen ki' wahi' Bye for now
Skennen Peace

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