Saturday, July 09, 2005 (Mixed Message)

NIA:WEN KOWA Many Thanks to Russell Holliman at for quickly fixing the glitch in my folder on their system. Got me frazzled, thought I'd been hacked.


Nakontie:iens ki:ken - This is underwear
Oai:kara ki:ken - This is a Blouse
Ohwhasa' ki:ken - This is a skirt
Atia:tawi ki:ken - This is a shirt or dress
Athahsteren' ki:ken - These are pants or slacks

O:nen ki' wahi'

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Did I mention local Brooklyn Diva, Martha Redbone? I know I did, just love to mention local talent. BTW she is a Nammy winner. whats a Nammy? It's the Native American Music Awards version to the Grammy Awards. Check them out at

If you want to know who's HOT in the NDN Music Scene check them out

List of latest winners

7th Annual Winners

A. Artist of the Year
Litefoot "Native American Me" (Red Vinyl)

B. Best Blues/Jazz Recording
Cecil Gray & Red Dawn Blues Band "Indian Harmony" (CG)

C. Best Compilation Recording - Various Artists
Northern Cree & Friends "Honoring Singers & Songmakers Vol 2" (Cyn)

D. Debut Artist/Group of the Year
Jay Nez "My Family" (Dream 1)

E. Best Female Artist
Yolanda Martinez "Native Heartbeat" (Legends Alive)

F. Best Folk/Country Recording
Qua Ti Si "Through Indian Eyes" (Shadagea)

G. Flutist of the Year
Billy Whitefox "When The Wind Sings" (Singing Wolf)

H. Gospel/Christian Recording
Rezawrecktion "It's Time" (Lions Den)

I. Duo/Group of the Year
Blackfire "Woody Guthrie Singles" (Tacoho)

J. Best Historical Recording
Cozad "California Pow Wow" (Soar)

K. Best Independent Recording
Stan Summers "Walkin' n Fire" (CPR)

L. Best Instrumental Recording
Joseph Firecrow w Billings Symphony "Signature - Parmly's Dream" P)

M. Best Male Artist
Eli Secody "Butterfly" (Secody)

N. Best New Age Recording
Douglas Blue Feather "Star Nations" (Spirit Hawk)

O. Best Pop/Rock Recording
The 9 Featuring Micki Free "Ruff Masters" (Island)

P. Best Pow Wow Recording
Black Lodge, Star Society, Mocassin Flats "Blackfoot Pow Wow"

Q. Best Producer
Tom Wasinger & Mary Youngblood "Feed The Fire" (SWave)

R. Best Rap/Hip Hop Recording
Shadowyze "Red Hawk Woman" (Tomahawk)

S. Record of the Year
Jim Boyd "Going To The Stick Games" (Thunderwolf)

T. Song/Single of the Year
Jimmy Lee Young 'One Voice One Cry" (Crystal Feather)

U. Songwriter of the Year
Felipe Rose "Red Hawk Woman" (Tomahawk)

V. Best Spoken Word Recording
Mary Louise Defender Wilson "The Way We Are" (Makoche')

W. Best Traditional Recording
Randy Wood "Round Dance Blues" (Canyon)

X. Best Short or Long Form Video
Walela "Walela Live In Concert" (Rich Heape Films)

Y. Best World Music Recording
Yarina "Nawi" (Yari)

Z. Native Heart
Scott August "Sacred Dreams" (Cedar Mesa)

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