Saturday, August 06, 2005

K Owenna'shon'a (Mixed Message)

K Owenna'shon'a

Kwe sewakwekon, ohnisonhatie?

I've finally broken down and registered a Domain name for my Apparel/Housewares Designs, Please visit for more details.
Seems I buggered up the URL of my friends page in the Podcast the CORRECT URL is


Kathontats - I consent
Kathsokwas - I Smoke
Kathsoris - I eat soup
Katkahthos - I see/look
Katke - When/Whenever
Katke ok - Sometime
Katkwitha - I move over
Katon - I say/I am saying
Katonhkaria'ks - I am hungry
Katorats - I hunt
Katoris - I drive
Kats - Come here!

O:nen ki' wahi'

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