Friday, October 28, 2005

Cold Winter (Mixed Message)

Cold Winter

Kwe sewakwekon, ohnisonhatie? is our Apparel and Housewares page.


Anon'warore' ki:ken - this is a hat
Akohserakeha atia:tawi ki:ken - this is a winter coat
Iokeren'en - it's snowing
Iotho:re tanon iokeren'en - It's cold and it's snowing
E:so oniehte ka:ien atste nakohsera:ke - There's lots of snow on the ground in the winter time
Oh naho:ten enhatste' - what are you going to wear?
Iotho:re anon:warore' enkatste' - It's very cold I'll wear a hat
Iotho:re akosehrakeha atia:tawi enkatste' - it's very cold I'll wear my winter coat
Satketsko' - Get up
Satketsko' ta:non satkonsohare' - Get up and wash your face
Oh nisahtierha - What are you doing?
Katkonhsohares - I'm washing my face

O:nen ki' wahi


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