Sunday, November 20, 2005

Children's Video (Mixed Message)

Childrens Video kidvid.asf

Kwe sewakwekon, ohnisonhatie?

Sorry all you iPod owners, haven't had a chance to convert this to an iPod Video friendly version as yet. Watch in mPlayer or Windows Media Player. If on a Mac try
Flip4Mac, software that lets you play and convert WMP videos and Audio in Quicktime.

Mac folks, if you chop up my Podcasts into individual Words/Phrases and place in your Speakable items folder, turn Speech Recognition on, Plug in a Mic(Built in Mics not so great for Speech Recognition) then speak the name of one of the MP3's you just saved in there, Voila, your Mac will REPLY in Kanien'keha. I suggest you Download Microcosm's FREEWARE audio player, Sound Player for this, as it doesn't require hitting Play, iTunes will do it too BTW but with it's interface onscreen , play sound has no interface to show so it's a CLEANER look ;-)

ALSO if you join Kahonwes's Mohawk-Language list on Yahoogroups in the File section there is a bunch of MP3's of Kanien'keha I did when fooling with the AliceBot software so you'll have a fair library of audio to play withj. You may need to adjust the naming of some to help the Speech Recognition a bit but not too bad eh?


O:nen ki' wahi'


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