Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Podcast seems Screwed up!

Kwe sewakwekon, Hello all, seems the Podcast is Broken. I'm going to ATTEMPT unsubbing and resubbing but ot8.mp3 and kidvid.asf show up fine here in the Blog but aren't downloading with iPodderX for some reason :-(

I THINK my including the kidvid.asf is the culprit casuing MASSIVE over qouta problems with geocities.com free hosting.

Nia:wen kowa Many Thanks to Russell Holliman at
http://www.mobilepodcasting.org for providing us 50 megs of Space on their server so I can continue this stuff.

I gotta remember to AVOID 10 minute Videos in the future!

Drat Drat and Double Drat to qoute Dick Dastardly!

Skennen Peace.

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