Friday, February 18, 2005

Where are you going? (Mixed Message)

Kwe Kwe sewakwekon, Hello everyone, sorry for the long delay in Podcasts.

Where are you going - Ka' wahse
Where is it - Ka'nonwe
Who is it - Onhka kiken' or Onhka n'ise(who are you) or Onhka ne ne'e

Hopeflly I'll get another one done soon. Might add a video to this, please let me know if thats a problem eh. About a 8-10 Meg file in Windows media player format.

O:nen ki' wahi' Bye for now

Nia:wen kowa Many Thanks to Russell Holliman(I hope I spelled that right!) at for his GENEROUSLY giving me 50 megs of space to continue my podcasts.

Espescially good since Geocities seems to be getting over run by my podcast and over qouta errors happening!

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