Thursday, April 07, 2005

Fruit (Mixed Message)

Kwe sewakwekon, oh nisonhatie? oh nahoten owenna'tiio ken? Kwiter ionkiats.

I hope you're all listening in via the Radio and or via the web to K103.7 Kahnawake's 6 time daily broadcasts of Kanien'keha owenna'shona. K103 The monster of the Seaway has a website at listen online using Windows Media Player

Todays EARLY podcast, usually do them on Saturday, is about Fruit, not ALL fruit, just a few words. Total Running time is just over 1 minute and about 320k download, slim enough even for Dialup.


Fruit - Kahik
Pear - Katshe'kahik
Apple - Sewahiowane
Crabapple - Sewahiowane'on:we
Cherry or Cherries - Eri

These are my words for now - Thok niwakewen:nake niahkwe

O:nen ki' wahi' Goodbye for now

Skennen Peace.

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