Sunday, April 03, 2005

Milk and Potatoes (Mixed Message)

Kwe sewakwekon, oh nisonhatie. Oh nahoten owenna'tiio ken?

Todays Words are

Milk - Onònta

Potato - Ohnenna:ta

I know short and sweet.

K103 Radio is now broadcasting Lessons 6 times a day so I may go the way of the Dinosaurs ;-) You can listen over the radio or net. K103.7 Kahnawake. If yer in the Montreal area you can Probaly pick it up on the radio otherwise use Windows Media Player ;-)

O:nen ki' wahi'


Anonymous said...

I recently found your podcast through And I absolutely love it. It seems amazing to learn an older language with such a new technology.

I saw your posting today and was compelled to write you.

Please don't stop your podcast. I don't get that Radio station where I live. I'm in Southern California. I would be deeply sadden to see your podcast go.

I was interested to read you profile and see you were mixed. So am I, my father is European and My mother is Half Mexican and Half Native american (the Mono, and Shoshone tribes.)

Please for those of us desperate to learn, who don't receive the Radio station and can't pick it up on the computer, please continue your wonderful pocdcasts.
Thank you so much.

O:nen ki' wahi'

A loyal listener.

Anonymous said...


I finally heard your Podcast.
Please keep up the good work !


Kahnwakero:non said...

Kwe, Hopefully tommorow evening i'll get a chance to record a new Podcast.


Kahnwakero:non said...

Kwe sewakwekon, wakatshennon:ni i:se like it(Wakeka's seems inappropriate for use here)

I will try to continue a while longer and MAY TRY to get permission to Podcast K103's Lessons for those of you unable to tune in to The Monster of the Seaway K103.7 FM or at least try to convince them to put them up themselves(more likely to happen)

These are my words for now - Thok niwakewen:nake niahkwe