Sunday, August 28, 2005

Verbs:Put in/Take out (Mixed Message)

Verbs: To Put in / To Take out

Kwe sewakwekon, ohnisonhatie?

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Keta's - I put in
Seta's - You put in
Rata's - He puts in
Ieta's - She puts in
Kata's - She(it) puts in
Tewata's - We (all) put in
Teneta's - We (2) put in
Sewata's - You (all) put in
Seneta's - You (2) put in
Ronneta's - They (all) put in
Neta's - They (2 men) put in
Keneta's - They (2 Women) put in
Konneta's - They (Women) put in

Ktahkwas - I take out
Stahkwas - You take out
Ratahkwas - He takes out
Ietahkwas - She takes out
Katahkwas - She (it) takes out
Tewatahkwas - We (all) take out
Tenitahkwas - We (2) take out
Sewatahkwas - You (all) take out
Senitahkwas - You (2) take out
Rontahkwas - They (all male) take out
Nitahkwas - They (2 Men) take out
Kenitahkwas - They (2 women) take out
Kontahkwas - They (Women) take out

I:wa or I:kare - it contains

O:nen ki' wahi'

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