Saturday, September 03, 2005

Verbs:Eat/Cook (Mixed Message)


Kwe sewakwekon, ohnisonhatie?

Nia:wen kowa Many Thanks to Randy at Native Voices over on AIROS for mentioning us on his show recently! If you dunno his show I urge you to check it out too. Shame it can't be Podcast ehnit? and look for Native Voices among the MANY excellent NDN shows on there.


Takatska:hons - I eat
Tehsatska:hons - You eat
Tehatska:hons - He eats
Teiontska:hons - She eats
Tewatska:hons - She (it) eats

Kekhon:nis - I cook
Sekhon:nis - You cook
Rakhon:nis - He cooks
Iekhon:nis - She cooks
Kakhon:nis - She (it) cooks

O:nen ki' wahi' Bye for now

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